Here are just a few of the reviews we have received over the years.

We are here to help. We WANT to help. We will always do our best to help.

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Angela Du Plessis

10th August 2018

I just had to write to say thank you Peter for everything. You are the kindest and gentelest soul i have ever known. i am stating to see that there is a future for me when a year ago I had really given up of ever finding help and even given up in life. I am 1 year clean and sober today !!!...which is a miracle and going strong, feeling positive about the future. I know there is a way to go still but I can honestly say I have never felt so good like a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders. I really wish I had met you sooner. You never judged me for anything and shared storys with me which made me realize I was not alone and that I could recover from the chaos that had become my life.I cant really express my gratitude in words. It is just so great to know that i hav e really got some great support.thank you again for all your hard effort and just for being there for me. JFT! (I am using my NO muscle!)

Johan Smit

10th March 2018

Peter, All I can say is thank God we met!! It seems like I have wakened up from a long and never ending nightmare. I feel alive again for the first time in many years ! I really didn't know what to expect when I first met you and i have to admit I was really scared and had pretty much given up hope on everything.... but you have guided me down a path of recovery and now I don't want to look back. . Feelings still come up sometimes but not nerely as bad as they were before. I no longer feel ashamed, you have tought me how to let go of the past. I have a decent job now as you know and I feel proud of myself. Next month I have found a new place to live and I know I will cope with your ongoing help...I cannot thank you enough.. I would reccommend you to anyone who is struggling. You are an inspiration to me.God bless you.

R.F.J. (name withheld on request)

1st January 2018

Happy New years Peter!! Thank you for everything in 2017 (season 1  ) I'm not one for emotional messages but just saying  I woke up this morning with a spring in my step , fresh and grateful..had a shower , cleaned the house ,(swepped and mopped the tiles did the dishes and walked the dogs and have laid the table for lunch already , all before 9:00 am ..... A year ago just something as simple as showering used to be a shlep , even breathing felt like a chore , lol... So I'm so grateful for our collaboration this year and for all your support thru thick and thin.. today on the 1/1/2018 I have no hangover , no drama , no money waisted , not dead or in trouble , no black eyes and bruises , no stolen goods etc etc etc.... I feel alive for the first time in a while, bring on this new year , let's do it and be up for the challenge !! See u on Friday at 10:30 my friend , thx again

J. Collings

8th November 2016

Thank you Peter for the time and effort you are putting into Andrew and his recovery and thank you for trying with Lauren also. They say that to keep it the best thing to do is give it away. We are beginning to see the light.

Ruan Swart

6th January 2017

Peter and Paul make a great team. I am still amazed at how you were both willing to come and fetch me from my "hotel" and help me to begin to sort my life out properly. You have both had a great influence on me by sharing your stories and journeys with me. It really helped me to try again and so far so good.I feel a new confidence about my life and I know if you guys have made it I will too. best of luck in your new venture. I know you can help so many people as you helped me. 

E. Foster re- JH.

30th September 2016

I really do wish I could get my son JH to talk to you guys. The problem is that he is convinced nothing and nobody can help him. He has, in fact reached the point where he does not want to be helped and has firmly decided that, when he feels he can take no more he will commit suicide....

7th December 2016

Peter, you are working miracles with JH and I just simply do not have the words to express my gratitude so you will have to accept "thank-you" and use your imagination to read into it everything I want to say.

JH is more positive than I have seen him for many years.

Angelo Leo 

8th December 2016

Paul is the most caring, loving human I've ever met. He's got this passion to help people and he really cares about each and every person he works with

Heather Janelle Sands

12th October 2016

Paul Sweet saved me from my own path of destruction. I thank God daily that he came into my life at the right time. He spent hours with me teaching me about myself and life. He is patient, kind and understanding - but also very professional and has a good knowledge of addiction and trauma counselling. After nearly 4 years of living with an addict and going through very traumatic experiences with the addict - it was great to be able to speak to someone and realize that there was a way out of this turmoil and that I could take my life back. I was not addicted to any chemicals or alcohol - but I was addicted to being co-dependent. Through 6 weeks of therapy with Paul.......I have taken myself from having nearly nothing - to having a very stable and comfortable life.

I often speak to Paul - Paul you are the best and I love you so much for teaching me to love myself again.

Michelle du ploy Malherbe

24th September 2016

What you are both doing is awsome, I wish there were more people like you around, it is like the human race has lost its heart hey, but for people like you it would have even been worse.  Thank you

Jan de Lange 

22nd September 2016

Paul and Peter are doing humanity a great service. Helping people who are completely down and out and making them valuable members of the community.

Ken Welthagen 

21st September 2016

I am amazed to see there are still people like you who give themselves to others so unselfishly. You are truly an inspiration


Michelle Rowe 

20th September 2016

I came home to find my daughter quite happy and content. Thank you Peter - from a grateful mum. Two legends, supportive, caring...two gifted men

Marlene Vrey 
9th September 2016

I have traveled a 6 yr road with Paul as my councillor and known Peter for almost 5 years...Paul helped me in such a special way. He uses each individuals profile to set up a road of recovery with them...he has helped my family as much as we r closer than I ever imagined as a family to him... He helped me through trauma,alcoholism, addiction, self harm, suicide and relationships... Today I want to thk u for all ur to me, my fiance and my family... U wnt find a more dedicated gentle compassionate or loving person to help u...give him a chance and he will believe in u until u believe in urself...


Candice Lala BX 

9th September 2016

I love Paul the best xoxo a genuine soul with great compassion

Nicole Medeiros 
8th September 2016

I have known Paul for 6 years - I trust him with my life. He has always guided me well with openness and honesty. No better person to assist you with your struggles. So proud of you fluffy

Susanne Van Der Ven

23rd August 2016

My name is Susanne van der Ven. I am from Holland. I was a client of Mr. Paul Sweet for 3 months when I came to South Africa last year. Paul has helped me so much with my recovery, it is hard to describe how grateful I am to him for helping me – and still we stay in touch and have formed a connection for life. The way he bonds with his clients is incredible, he is so open and sincere in his approach. Immediately he made me feel at ease and comfortable. He shared his own life story with me which made me trust him and also I could relate so much. This helped me with opening up and created so much recognition so I just knew he could help me because he has had the same experience as me with trauma and addiction. He didn’t judge me and respected me. Also what I liked a lot about him is is humour, we laughed a lot. Recovery can be quite serious and heavy so laughing made it lighter and can put things in perspective. The most important thing about him is he is genuine and true, he really does his work with all his heart and gives everything to help his clients time and time again, inspires them and motivates them. He is such a good example of how someone can recover and lives his life with so much love, laughter, motivation and inspiration, but he is also honest about the hard times and tells it like it is and can be vulnerable.

I am certain that you would be very happy to have him as a counsellor and he can change a lot of lives of people who need help and guidance.

David Groen 

1st August 2016 

Peter is someone with experience, wisdom and compassion. It would be smart to turn to and listen to someone with these qualities

Freda Burger 

26 July 2016

Peter is a very good listener, therefore, can easily read between the lines of what has not been revealed. He is patient and calming. Because he can relate he can empathize. He gets to the root of the problem. He can help try him for sure. He has helped many.




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